SP PRO mITX Gehäuse Kit für D3313-Sx

Suitable for Industrial Mainboards D3313-S
Industrial chassis for enhanced operating temperature range.
Usable in horizontal and vertical mode
Supported Mainboards:
D3313-S1 (GX-210HA SOC – 2x 1.0GHz/9W) Dual Core
D3313-S2 (GX-217GA SOC – 2x 1.65GHz/15W) Dual Core
D3313-S3 (GX-420CA SOC – 4x 2.00GHz/25W) Quad Core
D3313-S4 (GX-222GC SOC – 2.20GHz/10-15W) Dual Core
D3313-S5 (GX-412HC SOC – 1.20GHz/5-7W) Quad Core
D3313-S6 (GX-424CC SOC – 2.40GHz/25W) Quad Core
Approvals & Certifications:
Mainboard D3313-S certified for MS Windows 7 & Windows 8.1
System unit approved according CE EMC regulations
System unit approved for enhanced temperature range
Product Features:
HDD/system fan (4 pin PWM) included
HDD SATA and power cable included
Chassis desk stand (horizontal/vertical, removable) included
Chassis wall mount included
Chassis intrusion support
Kensington lock support
Mechanical lock for DC-in power connector
Mounting option for 2.5” HDD
Mounting option for WLAN antenna via (RP-)SMA connector
Mounting option for PCI / PCIe riser (low profile)
Mounting option for additional serial port