Fujitsu D3598-B ATX Mainboard


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D3598-B based on Intel® C422

Powered by the Intel® C422 Workstation chipset (BasinFalls), quad channel DDR4 2666 R-DIMM & LR-DIMM memory and Intel® Xeon® processors (SKL-W; LGA2066) Designed & approved for 24/7 continuous operation
Board Size ATX: 12“ x 9.6“ (305 x 244 mm)
Chipset Intel® “Basin Falls” C422 Workstation chipset
Memory 8 DIMM Sockets DDR4, max. 512GB, Single / Dual / Triple / Quad Channel,
2666MHz (1DPC) / 2133, 2400, 2666MHz (2DPC), single- / dual- / quad-rank RDIMM & LRDIMM,
1.2V/2.5V, 288-pin, ECC
Effective memory speed depends on installed processor
Processors Intel® Xeon® processor
Socket R4 (LGA2066), max. 140W TDP, integrated Memory Controller
(For details on supported processors please refer to our website)
Power Specification 24 Pin Power Connector + 8 Pin (12V ) Power Connector required
Support for Soft-Off Power Supplies; 12V and 3.3V Supply Voltage on PCIe Slots
3.3V Auxiliary Supply Voltage on PCIe Slots (Wake-Up Function)
On board CPU Voltage Regulator, 5V / 2A Auxiliary Power
required for USB Wake-Up from Save-to-RAM, Save-to-Disk

modified and adapted by Fujitsu Technology Solutions; Recovery BIOS, SM-BIOS (DMI), BIOS and
CPU Microcode Update, Quick Boot, Logo Boot, Quiet Boot, Plug & Play, Automatic DRAM and
PCIe Configuration, BIOS Support for S.M.A.R.T., Advanced Power Management, ACPI S3/S4,
Wake on time from S5.
Boot support for M.2 Carrier Board D3352-A (PCIe-based SSD modules, AHCI/NVME).BIOS inte
grated HW Diagnostic Tool
Security Features Recovery BIOS, System and BIOS Password, Boot Sequence Control,
Serial/USB- Port Access Protection, Boot Sector Virus Warning,
Write Protection for Flash BIOS, EraseDisk (optional BIOS Feature),
Infineon Trusted Platform Module (TPM) V2.0-SLB9665.
Audio Realtek ALC671, 5.1 Multichannel, High Definition Audio
LAN Intel i219LM / Intel i210 Ethernet Controller with 10/100/1000 MBit/s, iAMT / vPro
Wake-on-LAN (WoL) by interesting Packets, Link Status Change and
Magic Packet™, PXE Support, BIOS MAC Address Display, Teaming Support
Drives 8 x SATA III 600 Interfaces (up to 6GBit/s, NCQ); AHCI; RAID.
1 x M.2 Socket (2260/2280) for PCIe (4 lanes) based M.2 modules,
AHCI / NVME Boot support
Special Features Silent Fan Independent temperature related processor fan
and system fan supervision and control
System Guard View and adjust Silent Fan features
Silent Drives Noise reduction for optical and hard disk drives
Recovery BIOS Restores a corrupted BIOS
Desk Update Easy driver update with Drivers&Utilities DVD
Multi Boot Comfortable boot from any boot device
HDD Password Access protection for disk drives
24/7 Operation Mainboard is designed for continuous operation
Boot Watchdog Full supervison of BIOS POST and Boot sequence