Fujitsu D3654-B BIOS R1.18.0


List of changes:

  • integrated Fixes for CVE-2018-12179, CVE-2018-12180, CVE-2018-12181, CVE-2019-0098, CVE-2019-0099, CVE-2019-0153, CVE-2019-0170, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130
  • Updated CPU Microcode (0xB4) for CoffeeLake-S U-0 and (0xB8) for CoffeeLake-S R-0
  • Updated to Management Engine Firmware version
  • Updated BMC Teutates Firmware (V059)
  • Feature: Erase Disk is now enabled by default.
  • Feature: BIOS option "CPU TDP Limit" is now available by default.
    Only for mainboards shipped with R1.18.0 or later!
    If BIOS was flashed from version <R1.18.0 setting can only be activated by system integrator tool “OEMIdent”
  • Fixed (D3674 only): FAN startup check was not working properly
  • Fixed: Corrected POST messages while execution of Auto BIOS update.
  • Fixed: POST hangs with some CPUs, when "Keyboard Error Reporting” is “Enabled" and no
  • keyboard is connected.
  • Fixed: The ME sporadically remained in recovery mode after flash to BIOS R1.13.0 and was not
    accessible anymore.

Known problems and restrictions
  • No legacy OS support (UEFI only due to Intel restrictions)!
  • Default value for “Intel ® Speed Shift Technology” (Hardware P-State control) has been changed
  • to “Disabled”. This will only take effect, if you load “Optimized Defaults” after BIOS update.
  • BIOS downgrade to a version prior R1.13.0 is blocked due to security reasons and the support of
    th gen Intel CPUs!